We now have treasure chests on the map that will appear in random locations.  These may say unlocked, but actually require lock picking skill to open them. 

I found the following information that explains the issue:

Some treasure chests need better lockpicks to open.  You ask how do I get better picks? Go find chests that are open already and loot the lock picks they give to them use on the ones you cannot open by picking them.


It's not a bug just a confusing text issue.


It really needs a better lockpick to open not a GM to fix it. Best lockpicks you'll find are in different chests.


Three kinds exist from what I have seen.

Easy already open ones

Medium need key ones from easy boxes or your own

Hard chests that need either keys from easy or medium boxes to open.

Have fun!

Website Updates and News

Eudaemonea a posted Mar 16, 17

First up, you will notice that our website headings and pages are slowly being converted over from Minecraft specific to Gaming generic to accomodate our switch from one game, to possibly multiple.  We're currently playing Wurm Unlimited as a group and if/when something else comes out that snags our attention, we'll move in that direction as the group deems necessary.  We may eventually host multiple games if the interest is there.

Which brings me to Minecraft.  Recently our hosting company decided to arbitrarily change our IP address without much notice and since the bill was due in a few days, I decided to go ahead and cancel it.  When we started playing Wurm, nobody was really logging into Minecraft.  I couldn't justify paying a bill for 3 or 4 people to play with no source of income coming in to support that expense.  It may come back in the future, but for now, I'd rather stay away from Minecraft for a while and play some of the other great games out there.

Wurm Unlimited has proven to be a GREAT game, and I still encourage those of you that played Minecraft with us to check it out.  Yes, I know... it costs $30 but Minecraft wasn't free either.  Take the plunge!  You'll enjoy it! 

For those of you playing Wurm, the 1.3 update happened -- and summarily knocked us offline for 2 days while our host worked on the ticket.  It wasn't just us offline but pretty much everyone on their system that plays this game.  I never got a clear answer on what the issue was but we're up and running now with no problems!  I also upgraded our memory so we now have twice as much.  Additionally, I bumped us up from 10% chance of hostile mobs to 30%, along with an increase from 10,000 creatures to 25,000.  We've had a lot of happy players with those changes and I'll continue to look into things I can do to improve our game experience.

I'd like to point out that with larger groups of players, on a smallish map, that we need to be considerate of each other.  I'll be putting this information into the rules page on the site soon, but until then, please follow these general guidelines when playing on the server:

  • Be considerate to each other (Please, Thank You, I'm Sorry, Do you mind? etc are all great forms of communication that will prevent unnecessary drama!)
  • If you move out of an area, please make a point to clean up your mess.  That includes roads, buildings, fences, animals, etc.  Remove anything you placed.  Roads should be destroyed and grass replanted.  If in doubt, ask for help.  When you leave, it should look like nobody ever lived there.
  • 1 person can claim 200 blocks (50x50x50x50 for example)
  • 2 people can claim 400 blocks (100x100x100x100 for example)
  • 3 or more people can claim 600 blocks (150x150x150x150 for example)
  • If you get a substantial amount of people in your settlement and need more than 600 blocks, please contact me in game to discuss your needs.  More can be granted on an as needed basis for even just 1 player.

These are just preliminary guidelines and we'll get back to you with additional "rules" soon.

Thanks for listening!

mclittleal The creature increase was fantastic, now I have no trouble finding bears, wolves ect....they're everywhere when I l...