We'd like to invite anyone interested in joining us to check out Wurm Unlimited.  We have a private server set up for this game now and are playing as a group (about 10 of us so far). 

You can check out the game info here:

We are playing on a creative map.  In this game creative just means no pre-existing buildings or guard towers exist, so it's mostly just a survival world.  It's another sandbox building game but in minecraft terms it's like having minecraft and guild wars/aion/rift/wow all smooshed together.  It has nice graphics (no blocks!) and a skill system that is amazing.  The game is addictive.  We've played nonstop for days now and can't get enough of it.

Here's the server IP port 3724.  There IS a password that is needed to log in, so if you want to join us, please hop into teamspeak and ask anyone online what it is.  Alternately you can send us a message on steam (Follow Us Link/Steam - look for eudy, mclittle, anastayshea)

Here's a link to our live map:

It is very doubtful at this time that we'll continue to play minecraft very often.  There's only so much stuff you can build before you just kinda fizzle out.  We love you guys though and REALLY hope you'll consider joining us in a new game environment and learning the ropes together.  We think you'd enjoy this.  We definitely are!

Let me know what you think, and if you want to join us get in touch so we can give you the password =)


lukee308 I guess no mc server then :( oh well. i don't have all that much spare time anyway, and i would've just occasi...

New Server Info

Eudaemonea a posted Jan 16, 17

I do have a vanilla server functional at this time but it has no permissions and is strictly vanilla right now.  The world that's available will NOT be saved or accessible later but if anyone wants to hop on I can post up the info.

We are probably 2+ months out from being online with a fully built server.  I'm still muddling through ranks and plugins and what I really want to achieve with this build.  I can tell you that I'm leaning towards a Factions/mcmmo/hard mode type server with limited pvp (depending on your faction being at war with someone else's group or not). 

I already know what spawn will be so that doesn't have to be built since it's just chillin' on my external drive (and you guys saw it on last server)

My hang up right now is the ranks, how to make sure the server remains able to pay it's own bills and staffing.

If you were previously staff, as usual, you will have your rank back if you want it.  If not, and you're interested, let me know now-ish so I know how many people I have available when we turn it all on. 

As much as I may really like whitelisted, adult servers -- I don't think that's the way we'll be going this time.   Also, I'm not soliciting input on the server build either.  Last time, I listened to everyone and their mom and tried to make everyone happy -- only to end up kinda miserable personally with no time to actually play due to how much work I put in on the backend.  This time, it's for me.  Take it or leave it.  If that means you have teleports with timers to make it more challenging, and we all live in an ocean full of ice and no grass to be found... so be it.   Complaints can be filed at the I Don't Give A Shit office =)

Anyhoo... Roff asked me to put up a new post to update folks.  So here ya go :)

I'll update the IP and stuff so it shows now and you guys can play in the dummy world while I work on everything else but be aware that it is a VERY tiny server with very limited memory because I don't need a huge bill while I set stuff up again.  So no bitching about lag please or I'll dunk you in lava!


Afkbrbgtgftw The tower of Pimps shall be erected!!!!
mclittleal a And I'll be the one to dunk you in lava just to keep the stress levels down.
dzblokz123 Sounds like it will be a lot of fun. I can't wait :)