If you are a donator or previous staff member, you can send me mail asking to be given access to the minecraft realm that is now set up.  If I don't know you (i.e. trust you) then you're not getting invited.  Sorry, just don't have time or inclination to deal with griefers or trolls.


MomaCods Cool I have never clicked the "Realms" button on my minecraft! this is neat!

Server Now Closed

Eudaemonea a posted Apr 18, 16

We will reopen a new server sometime in the future when my life isn't so hectic.  Until then, use One Peace or A Whole New World (or a server of your own choice).

We'll see you in the future! Take care!

Server Closing

Eudaemonea a posted Mar 29, 16

As some of you know from previous posts and discussions in game chat, we have been tossing around lots of ideas about where the server direction will be moving.  Eventually, I will open another server -- most likely whitelisted with only select people being invited.  I'm honestly at a stage in my life where time is very limited and when I do log in, I don't want to fix things, deal with bratty kids, etc etc.  I just want to be able to play...

This server will be closing on April 15th.  I have already put in the cancelation with our host.  Backups of both the current server and the one I was midway through building have been made and downloaded to my external drive so nothing is lost.  However, if you want any of your specific builds please submit a contact us form with the following info:

  • World the build is located in
  • Coordinates to it
  • Description of what we're looking for/at
  • Lowest depth it goes down into the ground (y coord)
  • Maximum height it goes up into the air
  • Email address you'd like the schematic mailed to

Please be aware that you will need mcEdit to put this into a map with.  I will *NOT* offer to do that for you.  World maps will *NOT* be available for download simply because I don't want my builds floating around on the internet and potentially being stolen for use on another server. 

Some of us are transitioning to World of Warcraft for the summer to give us a break from running the server.  The Alysian Blue guild is located on STORMRAGE server, Alliance side.  You can add me using Eudy#1341 and then message me for an invite to the guild.  Inactive guild members are removed after 60 days of inactivity.

In the meantime, until I have time to build the new server, we are giving you two servers that we feel are good, solid servers with wonderful staff and owners for you to play on.

AWNW (A Whole New World) Survival, Hardcore, Creative and Pixelmon (this is a WHITELISTED server with an older player base!!!)

One Peace Survival Younger player base, not whitelisted

When we get back to a point where we open another server, you will recieve notice in your mail box.  I will prune out the player list on the website sometime this summer.  If you're still a member after I'm done, you'll be invited to play on the new one later on whenever I get things set up.  I will say that it will be a small hardcore survival server with very close to vanilla mechanics.  And it'll return to adults only or at least people that don't act like a bratty 10 year old.

We hope everyone has a great Spring Break and Summer.  We'll probably see you guys in the Fall =)
Thanks for listening!

*edit - I've re-enabled the shop so you can get to the "my subscriptions" option in the shop window.  Please make sure you've cancelled all subscriptions.  I show NO subscriptions on the logs currently but I think it may be bugged.  CANCEL YOUR SUBS!!!

2nd edit - 4/13/16 is the LAST day to put in requests for build schematics to be made.  I will not be near a pc frequently enough over the next few days to do any more after today.

MomaCods How do I cancel the $5 a month subscription?
dzblokz123 Sad to see this one go, but I'm sure the new server will be even more fun Best of luck to everyone, and I hope to ...
xenotopic I hate to see this happen. I hope you will do well in your next several eudy. Best of luck -xenon