Server Information

About the Server:

  • Opened to the public on May 6, 2018 (open 1 month prior for friends/family during testing and setup)
  • PvE Server hosted in Charlotte, NC on dedicated hardware
  • Daily Backups and Server Restarts
  • 200 Slots
  • 60k Creatures - 30% Aggressive (will increase as server ages)
  • 4096x4096 Custom Map with Extreme Mountains
  • Map auto updates at 6am and 6pm Central
  • Player friendly website with integrated map
  • In game map matches actual server map
  • Discord Relay Chat (*disabled at the moment)
  • Deed Upkeep is Enabled
  • CA Help Tab auto opens for new players
  • 4x Actions,4x Skills
  • Ride horses and use rowboats immediately
  • Fighting starts at 10
  • All other skills start at 1

Cabra - Our New Player Starter Town:

  • Public Mine with Smelters/Forges/Large Anvils
  • Resource Tiles
  • White/Dark Light Altars
  • Practice Dolls to level Fight Skill to 20 before leaving town
  • Cooking, Praying and Tailoring Areas
  • Pumpkin and Cotton Fields for starter food and healing materials
  • GM Merchants
  • New Merchant Village and Inn added 5/20
  • No Trader
  • Bartender
  • Beds in each building
  • Portal to our Capital City (coming soon)

Priest,  Meditation and Spell Changes:

  • No priest restrictions
  • 20 Minute Prayers all day
  • Priests can cast spells from the same light
  • Sermons are disabled
  • Linking is required for high favor casts
  • 30 Minute Meditation Timer all day
  • Bag of Holding
  • *NEW* Additional Spells added 5/25

Resources & Ore Changes:

  • Resource tiles provide 5kg each action
  • Tar/Clay/Peat/Moss each node is 1-5 tiles on average
  • Tar/Clay/Peat/Moss are not always easy to find
  • Ore distribution changed to increase value to common ore
  • 50 Hits for each rock tile
  • Up to 70 dirt per tile on the surface (and much lower on mountains)

Loot Changes:

  • No Treasure Chests
  • No Treasure Maps
  • Rift Items found in nature
  • Unique's require specific character conditions in order to receive loot
  • Rarity Odds Increased
  • Higher chance for rare bone during sacrifice
  • Get paid to kill creatures
  • Moonmetals drop from creatures

Our treasure drops directly from creatures.  Kill a mountain lion with a shovel at midnight?  You might find a garden gnome!  You have to go explore and try different things in order to discover all of our little secrets!  Looking for a rare bone? Better work on that fight skill and kill creatures in unusual ways to find the special combination required to trigger a possible drop.

Creature Changes:

  • Normal Animal Aging
  • Taxidermy (uses Karma)
  • Hitching Posts
  • Hitch Animals to Ships
  • Inbreed Warning
  • Hitch Any Animal to Carts/Wagons
  • Animals don't unhitch due to age

Farming, Nature & Teraforming Changes:

  • Many actions can be done from the cart & have faster level actions
  • Improved Action Timers
  • Cultivate/sow/farm/harvest/replant in larger areas as skill goes up
  • Combined piles of harvests
  • Use /seasons in game for additional info on what's ready for harvesting
  • Pick 5 Sprouts instead of just 1
  • No crop rot
  • Salve gets renamed with strength and ingredients

Other Changes:

  • Faster Boats and Carts
  • Faster Mounts that can climb higher slopes
  • BSB Sort by QL
  • Hot items can go into bsb/fsb
  • Loadable mailboxes and belltowers
  • Fire Burn Timer
  • No Build Limit! 
  • No Mail Costs
  • Check Balance Action on Character Screen
  • Move to Center/Corner
  • Place Items on tables/surfaces
  • Player Pets added 5/25
  • Real Time Merchant Information - link in game, on website, or discord!


Backup Policy:

  • Daily Backups at 3am Eastern Time
  • Three days of backups are on the server
  • Older backups are stored offsite at another datacenter

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