Client Mod Installation

Everyone loves client mods! Here's how to install them:

  1. Go to this page in the Wurm Forums: Complete Mod list
  2. Go toward the bottom of the first post under client mods.
  3. Download the ClientModLoader under the heading by ago
  4. Follow the instructions for installing the mod loader
  5. Download the mods you wish to install. There are links to each client mod on the Complete Mod List post. Important note - only client mods can be installed. The server mods are installed by staff and cannot be installed on your client. If you want a server mod that is not installed on the server, please make a suggestion in the appropriate forum.
  6. Once you have downloaded the client mods you want, run the patcher.bat to install the mods. Make sure you do not have the Wurm Unlimited client running when you do this!
  7. Start Wurm and enjoy your mods.

If you want to add more mods or remove a client mod for any reason, this is easily done as well.  This also works if there is a WU update or a client mod update and the mods are not working

  1. Close the Wurm client.
  2. Go to where you have Wurm Unlimited installed on your computer. Typically it is in Steam->steamapps->common->wurmunlimted
  3. Delete the file titled client-patched
  4. In your Steam library, right click Wurm Unlimited and select properties.
  5. Select verify integrity of game files. This will take a moment while the files are verified. It should also download a new, clean copy of the client file for Wurm Unlimited.
  6. Follow steps 5 and 6 under installing mods, above to update mods. To remove a mod, you can either delete the *.properties file from the mods folder or rename it to *.disabled
  7. Start Wurm and you should have updated mods.

If you are still having problems, ask in Discord or CA Help chat and someone should be able to assist you.  Do not open tickets for this as it is not a server related problem!

There is an easy way to run multiple client in Wurm Unlimited:

1.  Go to your WurmLauncher folder

2.  Create a file named steam_appid.txt

3.  Write "366220" in the file (without the quotes).

4.  Run WurmLauncher.exe.  Do no use the play button in your Steam library or the desktop shortcut created by Steam.