New Player Info

Look Around!
When you first join the server you will be in Cabra, our starter town.  In town, you will find some stuff to help you get started:

  • Practice Dolls - They are located behind The Footman's Rest
  • Bartender - Inside The Thirsty Goblin
  • Looms & Spinning Wheel - Inside A Stitch In Time
  • Altars for each god - Inside The Kneeling Sheep
  • Cotton & Wemp Fields - Immediately outside the town walls
  • Altar of Three - Select your religion
  • Public Mine - The Angry Dwarf Mining Co
  • Resource Tiles - Located directly in front of the mine door
  • Pumpkin Field - Cross the arched bridge
  • Beds - found in most buildings

Getting Started
Here are some helpful hints for you to get started on the server:

  • Work on your Fighting Skill until 20 using the practice dolls
  • Select your religion if you wish to be Fo, Mag or Vynora
  • Libila followers will need a boat and willingness to make a journey to the Black Isle
  • Make small and large nails, any tools you may need or want to upgrade
  • We do NOT recommend that you make a cart immediately!!!!  (This map is not cart friendly unless you are on a road!!!)
  • You can chop trees, build carts and boats in Kolvir Preserve to the east
  • We suggest starting out on a horse for easier movement on the map
  • You are welcome to stay an extended time in the starting town and surrounding areas while you get familiar with the server
  • Read the Rules
  • Check out the Server Information
  • Look at the Map

Why are the starter deeds so large??!?

One of the first things that most new players say when they join is "wow this is so pretty", and we agree!  With that in mind, we want to KEEP it just as pretty as it is today for future players to have that same experience later on.  We've all been on those servers where immediately on the other side of a deed border where you start there's a junk build that's left rotting and decaying after the person played a day then never returned.  We really want to keep our beginner area neat and tidy, and appealing to the eye.

What is Kolvir City?

This is the server owner's pet project that will take many months to complete. You are free to go poke around in the area and see what's being built.  Eventually this will be our Capital city where most events are held, player housing will be available, trade fairs will happen, etc. 

Can I join a village?
Yes! Absolutely!  We have a few villages that are usually recruiting.  The best place to find that information is in our Recruitment Channel in discord.

How do I make money?
You can make money from selling things to other players, by killing creatures or by voting every day.  The bounty list on creatures is not a public document.  You will need to go kill things and track that yourself.  There is also no trader to be abused here for easy money.  If you want money, you have to earn it! 

50 Tiles Away from Neighbors
Just a reminder but please make sure you leave 50 tiles from the edge of perimeter tiles for your neighbors.  While we know they could expand those perimeters to push out their boundaries, we also expect you to treat your neighbors kindly on this server.  That means that we expect for you to not be that asshat that camps out on their front lawn.  The map is plenty big for you to go find your very own dream location without encroaching on someone else's.  Please look at the map to see where you are in relation to others and be considerate with planning your areas.  Talk to the deed owners that are near where you want to settle and see what plans they have for expansion.  This will help integrate you into the community AND make some new friends :)

We advertise as a DIFFICULT/CHALLENGE environment
This server was built from the ground up to make things a bit more difficult than average.  You will find that ore distribution (especially iron) is drastically reduced.  The map itself is a pain in the ass to travel on, and that's exactly what we wanted -- but we changed how mounts and carts behave on the slopes to make it less painful.  There are no treasure chests on this map, and no need to ban ESP.   Items from treasure chesta are now found on the creatures instead so go kill them if you want to find that rare bone.  It feels much more rewarding when you find it that way compared to just esp'ing your way to the next magical chest anyway :)

Parting Words...
We are glad that you have decided to check our server out and hope that you find it a pleasant, but challenging, experience.  We strongly encourage you to join us on Discord, as that is our primary means of communication with players.  Most announcements will post there (but also here on the website news, twitter and facebook).  We make a point to let you know what's going on before it happens and it helps if you're participating in that network we've set up so you can get the information you need in order to enjoy the server fully.  We hope you like what we've put together and if you need any help at all, just ask in CA Help or do /support in game for assistance from one of our staff members.